Proprietary :   This is our own  Proprietary formulae.


a)      Acid % :   Our product utilizes minimum acid %

       does not harm the moulds.


Hence, it maintains the finish of  the final products. It does so as it :


i)                    Does not damage mould

ii)                  Clean them to improve final finish.


 b)      Ingredients :   We use different (but all gentle) ingredients. All the ingredients have been tested to provide  clean mould (and minimum damage) 


Take an 200Ltr Drum. Add


i)                    Mould Cleaner & Water  in equal Ratio that is  in

1:1 ratio. Soak the moulds overnight.


ii)                  Best Results :  for best results soak them for a period of 24 hours.


iii)                Highly Unclean Moulds :  Soak   them for 48 hours for best results.


iv)                After Preparation :   After taking out the Moulds – if there is any residual mortar (or Cement) – Use a Coconut hair brush   to mildly scrub the mould for best results.