• Poly coat a world-class product follows is a high performance acrylic polymer modified elastomeric cementitious water-proofing coatings to act as remarkable water-proofing for concrete/ masonry structures. Useful  as bonding agent for new & old concrete/mortars with high bound strength.
  • Admixture for high durable repairs, effective crack fillers by mixing with cement.
  • High strength polymer grout for strengthening of structures.
  • Useful as a floor coating provides high abrasion, cracks and chemical resistance. Non toxic, inflammable material.




  • Roof slabs , sloped roofs, bathrooms, balconies, swimming pools, water tanks, sumps, basements etc.
  • Excellent bonding agent for old to new concrete / mortar
  • Highly durable cementitious concrete / mortar repairs
  • Good performance industrial flooring / screed etc.
  • Excellent impact, abrasion & chemical resistant flooring.
  • Solid strength grout admixture for cement grout for strengthening of structure in concrete repairs etc.


How to use:-


        For water-proof / anti-carbonation protective coating/ Poly coat/ Passivator coat                               For steel protection – 1ltr. Poly coat mix with 20% water +2kg. cement, coverage 4-6 sq. mtrs. per coat.

For repair mortars-1 ltr. Poly coat mix with 5 kg. cement, 10 kg.sand+required water.

For injection grouting-1ltr. Poly coat mix with 2-3 kgs. Cement+ required water.


Packing : - 1L, 5L, 20L